My foster dog, a lab, gets really excited when we come inside the house

As a specialized human, I have had the privilege and joy of fostering numerous animals over the years. Each one is unique and brings their own set of challenges and joys into my life. However, my most recent foster, a playful and lovable labrador retriever, has left a lasting impression on me with her exuberance and excitement whenever I come home.

It all starts as soon as I place the key in the door. I can hear the familiar sound of her tail wagging against the wall, and I know that as soon as I step inside, she will greet me with a flurry of excited jumping and licking. Some people might find this behavior overwhelming or annoying, but as a seasoned animal lover, I know that this is her way of expressing her joy and affection.

Labrador retrievers are known for being loyal, friendly and high energy, and my foster is no exception. When she sees me, she cannot contain her excitement, and I can see the happiness in her eyes as she jumps up and down and gives me her trademark wet kisses. It’s hard not to smile and feel my own mood lift in response to her enthusiasm.

My little lab is not just excited to see me, but also anyone who comes to the door. It’s as if she wants to share her excitement and her love with everyone around her. Sometimes, I have to remind her to calm down and let people enter the house, but I never want to dampen her spirits or make her feel like her enthusiasm is a bad thing.

This kind of intense excitement might be concerning for some foster parents, but I know that it is a reflection of the bond we’ve formed. I am the one who takes her outside to play fetch in the park, who feeds her her favorite treats, who cuddles with her on the couch. To her, I am the one constant in her life, and her reaction when I come inside is her way of expressing this.

In conclusion, my foster dog, a labrador retriever, has taught me that love and affection come in all forms, even the seemingly overwhelming ones. Her excited response to my arrival is a reminder of how important we are to each other and how we can express our emotions in different ways. As a specialized human who has dedicated my life to caring for animals, I am grateful for this reminder and for the joy that my foster brings into my life.

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