Puppy listens in house but not outside house

As a specialist in canine behavior, I often encounter concerned pet owners who are confounded by their puppy’s ability to listen and obey commands inside their house but not when they venture outside. This can be a frustrating experience for owners who want to be able to take their pets out for walks and enjoy some quality time with them.

There are several reasons for this behavior in puppies, and it’s essential to first understand the underlying causes before embarking on any corrective measures. One reason is that puppies may become easily distracted by the abundant stimulation outside, such as new smells and sights. This can overwhelm their senses and make it difficult for them to focus on any commands you may give them.

Another factor to consider is that the outside environment holds many exciting new experiences that your pup may want to explore. This curiosity can lead them to act unruly and ignore your commands, making it challenging to walk them in public places.

Puppies who remain immobile inside their homes have not yet been introduced to the outside world on a leash or in a harness and may not feel comfortable leaving the safe space of their home. This uncertainty can make them hesitant to venture outside and more inclined to disobey commands given to them by owners.

To address these issues, it’s essential to take a gradual approach when introducing your pup to the outside world. Start by training them in a safe, familiar location where there aren’t too many distractions, such as a backyard or secluded park. Teach them basic commands and reward them when they listen and respond appropriately. As your puppy begins to gain confidence and becomes more familiar with outdoor surroundings, gradually increase your training and exposure to busier and more crowded areas.

It’s also important to equip your furry friend with proper walking equipment, such as a well-fitted harness alongside the leash. In addition, ensure that they’re comfortable and obeying commands before going out into public areas where more distractions and stimuli are present.

Overall, training your puppy to listen outside the house takes time and patience. Your puppy must learn how to handle various stimuli while listening to commands. As a specialist in canine behavior, I recommend investing time in your puppy’s training and gradually introducing them to the outside world, rewarding obedience, and providing positive reinforcement. With consistency and perseverance, you can eventually train your furry friend to be obedient both inside and outside the home.

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