Training Heel

Training Heel is an essential obedience skill that all dogs must learn to follow the direction of their handlers and stay close during walks. It is a foundational behavior for a dog to learn to exhibit self-control, focus, and discipline when out with their owners.

Heel training is fundamental for any dog regardless of its size. By keeping your furry friend close to you, you ensure the dog’s safety and prevent any uncontrollable behavior. Besides, when leash training a new dog, teaching them to heel is usually the first thing you should do.

Engaging your dog with the basic requirements for heel training is an excellent activity for enhancing obedience skills. Heel training is also essential for dogs because they are pack animals, meaning that they have a natural inclination to work together to achieve goals.

To train your furry friend on “heel training,” just get a collar, a leash, a variety of treats, and begin. Start by standing next to your dog with your left leg and keep the treats secreted in your left hand. Afterward, loosen the leash and hold it on your left hand while you keep the collars on the dog’s neck. Then, say “heel” while taking one step forward with your left foot. Use the leash if your dog seems distracted or wanders too far away from you.

Another excellent method to teach your dog how to heel without a leash is by first teaching the “come” command. When walking your dog off the leash, use the “come” command, and when it reaches you, tell them to “heel” while you start walking. When the dog tries to pull, stop walking while you command them to go back to your side. Repeat this process a few times until you get the right movement with the command.

In conclusion, training heel is undoubtedly essential for any dog parent out there, especially when you’re out for long walks. It is also crucial that pet owners treat their furry friends with respect and care as best as they can so they can adequately learn some of the best behavior during their obedience training. By doing so, you’re investing time and effort that will eventually pay huge dividends in your dog’s behavior and relationship with you. Don’t hesitate, leash up your dog and start practicing today!

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