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As a specialized human, I know that training a dog to recall is one of the most important behaviors you can teach them. Recall is not just a trick or a fun behavior, it can mean the difference between a dog that is safe and one that is in danger. Teaching recall, however, can be a challenging task for many dog owners, which is why professional help is often needed. In this article, I will discuss the benefits of recall training and provide tips on how to make it a successful experience.

The Importance of Recall Training

Recall training should be a top priority for every dog owner. Dogs that are able to recall on command are safer because they can be called away from danger or out of potentially aggressive situations. Additionally, recall is key to off-leash walks and can improve the relationship between you and your dog. It shows them that you are in control, and they can trust you to keep them safe.

Tips for Successful Recall Training

1. Start with Basic Command Training

Before diving into recall training, ensure that your dog has mastered basic commands such as sit, stay, and come. This will lay a foundation for recall training and make it easier for your dog to learn.

2. Use Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is essential in dog training, especially in recall. Reward your dog with treats or verbal praise every time they recall on command. This will enhance the likelihood that your dog will continue to follow your commands.

3. Start Small

When starting recall training, begin in a low distraction environment such as your home or a fenced yard. As your dog becomes more successful, gradually increase the distractions and length of the recall.

4. Use a Reliable Command Word

Choose a command word that is easy to remember, and use it consistently. Common words include “come,” “here,” and “recall.” Make sure everyone that interacts with your dog knows and uses the command word consistently.

5. Practice Often

Practice recall training frequently, preferably daily. Consistent training will solidify the behavior in your dog’s mind and increase the likelihood that they will recall when it matters.


Recall training is crucial for every dog owner to ensure the safety of their pet. Basic command training, positive reinforcement, starting small, using a reliable command word, and practicing often are the keys to successful recall training. Consult with a professional trainer for personalized assistance in ensuring that your dog becomes a reliable recall master. A well-trained dog not only keeps them safe but strengthens the bond between you and your companion.

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