when do i take away the pee pads entirely?

As a specialized human, it is crucial to understand the appropriate time and manner to take away pee pads from your furry friend. Pee pads provide a comfortable and convenient solution for canine companions during their potty training phase. However, eventually, the ultimate goal is to have your pet eliminate their waste outside.

Usually, you can start taking away pee pads once your pet has successfully transitioned to going potty outside. Each puppy is unique and learns at their pace, so it helps to be patient and persistent in your training efforts. To ensure that your furry friend can eliminate their waste outside, you must take them on frequent and regular walks.

Consistency in routine is critical to your dog’s learning process. Gradually introduce going outside until they become comfortable with the new routine. Once they have fully grasped their potty training, and their accidents are infrequent, you can start removing pee pads altogether.

It is important to note that you should not completely take away the pee pads until you have seen evidence of your dog being consistently house-trained. It would help if you were careful not to remove the pads from your dog’s routine abruptly because they respond better to gradual changes.

Another tip to ensure your dog learns to eliminate outside and minimize accidents is to watch for specific behaviors or cues that indicate that your dog needs to go outside. Usually, these cues vary, but common signs include sniffing around, circling, pacing, and whining.

In conclusion, taking away the pee pads entirely requires patience, consistency, and a keen eye on your furry friend’s behavior. Once they have successfully transitioned to going outside, you can start removing the pads one at a time. Always ensure that you monitor your dog’s habits to avoid excessive accidents, which can lead to frustrating moments for both the pet parent and the dog. Keep practicing good training methods and continuously provide positive reinforcement for your furry friend’s potty training success.

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