Which dog breed should I got? Need an loving, active hiking buddy who has the ability to be chill around the house while I WFH (if such a thing is possible)

Dog breeds are abundant and finding the right one for you can be a tough decision. For those who lead active lifestyles and are looking for a furry friend to take along on adventures, a breed that is adaptable and energetic is ideal. Additionally, if you are someone who works from home, it is important to choose a breed that is known for being relaxed and comfortable during downtime. So, which breed ticks all the boxes for an active and chill companion? Let’s explore.

For those who enjoy hiking and other outdoor activities, the Australian Shepherd is a great choice. These dogs are known for their intense energy and high intelligence, making them excellent companions for a variety of activities. They require exercise every day to keep them mentally and physically stimulated, and they love nothing more than spending time outdoors. Not only are they great at hiking, but they also love playing fetch and running alongside their owners. Their coats may require some extra grooming but their unique and stunning coloring makes them gorgeous to look at.

If you’re looking for a breed that is known for their love of play and their adaptive nature, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a great choice. These dogs may have short legs, but they are incredibly agile and have boundless energy. Though they are small in size, they have a big personality, making them not just great hiking companions, but excellent family pets as well. When at home, they are known to be loyal and loving, and will be happy to snuggle up with you while you work from home (don’t forget to take frequent breaks to give them the love they crave!). They are also known to be stubborn, so early training is key to setting the right expectations.

The Labrador Retriever is another excellent breed for those seeking an active and chill companion. Labs are known for their love of water and their eagerness to please their owners, making them great hiking and camping companions. They are incredibly social and thrive on being around people, so they are perfect for those who work from home. These dogs love to cuddle and will happily lay by your feet while you work, but they also have the energy to join in on any active adventures you may have planned.

Lastly, the Bernese Mountain Dog is a breed that should not be overlooked when searching for an active and chill companion. Though they are large in size, they have a calm and gentle demeanor that makes them great around the house. Additionally, they love spending time outside and exploring, making them great hiking companions. Berners require regular exercise, but are not as high energy as some other breeds on this list, so they can adapt to slower-paced activities as well. They love spending time with their owners and will happily lounge with you at home, but they do shed, so be prepared for some extra cleaning around the house.

Overall, choosing a dog breed that matches your lifestyle and personality is crucial for building a strong and loving bond with your furry friend. By considering factors such as activity level and adaptability, you can find the perfect four-legged companion to join you on all of your adventures and be the perfect WFH buddy too.

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